My Guide to Masturbatory Heaven

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This journal is for the side of me that very few people in my everyday life get to see. ;)

I love cock, but I'm a big fan of cunt as well. Porn might be degrading to some, but I have a large collection that's expanding every day. I have a drawerful of sex toys that I am always looking to enlarge. I love to fuck and I love to masturbate.

I don't understand the revulsion some people feel toward bare cunt. I keep mine nice and smooth and it feels better than anything else on earth. I have not had any complaints.

I have big tits and have absolutely no plans to ever have them reduced. My 40DDs and I get along fine.

I've been told that my cunt is like a vise and that my pussy juices should be bottled and sold to lesbians and dirty old men.

I used to be a phonesex operator, but I gave it up after two years -- after I realized I was much too greedy to continue. My favourite kind of phonesex involves no talking at all -- just two people getting off, grunting and moaning for each other, then simply hanging up when it's all over. People who are paying for it tend to want more than that.

I like it rough. I like to be spanked and to have my cunt pounded, to have someone's hands around my throat while they fuck me and call me dirty names. I love to be submissive.

And that's me, in a nutshell.